The Good Neighbors

Mission statement: Promote social interaction for homebound and physically challenged

Renaissance residents and/or their caregivers with or by the use of resident volunteers.

Our activity group provides social interaction with our homebound neighbors and their caregivers.

We can play cards, board games or talk about books, TV and movies.

We also do telephone chats for social contact and

 offer ‘telephone checks’ to those who live alone.

A group of volunteers will be available to call our neighbors so that we know you are well.

We provide company to the Clubhouse for non-driving neighbors to participate in social events.

There are The Good Neighbors forms at the Clubhouse carousel.

Come to our meetings on the 4th Tuesday @ 10AM in the Large Conference Room in the Clubhouse.

Check the calendar in the Renaissance Times or Channel 22 postings

For more info call:  Linda Yee