The Renaissance Band is a group of Renaissance musicians who enjoy playing jazz in the tradition of the American Songbook and the Big Band Sound. They play for fun and to contribute to the musical and cultural experience of the Renaissance community.

The band plays once a week for practice and their own enjoyment and four times a year for the public in the Renaissance Ballroom. A nominal fee is charged and and admission is on a first come first served basis within the set-up capacity of the ballroom.

The band, as a unit, may play for other occasions in Renaissance at the discretion of and by consensus of the members. In no case, however, will the Renaissance Band perform if there is the slightest possibility that to do so will negatively affect the income or livelihood of paid professional musicians or entertainers.

The band has only modest requirements for money. Any costs are charged against the proceeds from concerts.

The Renaissance Band members have different talents and abilities. The addition of new members to the band is by consensus of the members based on the musical needs of the band at that time.